Freight Train Simulator Game Download

Freight Train Simulator Game

Download Freight Train Simulator game for PC. Freight Train Simulator is a wonderful game which beyond your imagination. It is not a simple but it is also quite different from other simulator games available in the market. It is attractive and easily to play just because of its features. Player controls train by himself in the game. FTS is one of the best arcade games. Player has limited time to complete each level.

freight-train-simulator-screenshotYou as being player have complete control on the train as a real train driver has while driving train. Player must have to be within the limits regarding speed. You have to decide where breaks should be used for lowering the speed of the train.

You have to get decision that at what point what should be the maximum speed of the train so that the train would not be affected by high speed. You have to decide that where train should be accelerated and where it should be decelerated as per the requirement of the scenario. Finally you will be required to stop train properly exactly on the station. You can play it with the use of four keys of your keyboard.  There are G, B, V and F.

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For increasing the breaks you can press G and similarly for increasing acceleration you have to press F. On the other hand for minimizing the break pressure press B and for decelerating you have to press V. Its playing method looks complicated but don’t need to be worried because it just looks but actually it is quite simple in play. One of the good thing is the details will be shown on your computer screen. As station will be so closed you have to minimize your speed so that train may stop exactly at the station at the end of the level.  It is good because of its graphics as well. (Review by PCFavour)

50.98 MB.

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