GTA IV Ultimate Vehicle Pack Game

GTA IV Ultimate Vehicle Pack Game

Free download GTA IV Ultimate vehicle Pack game. It is a violent, adventure and fighting game. It is developed by ZZCOOL. This latest version of game has a lot of collection of real life cars. The original version of GTA IV should be installed.

Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-Ultimate-Vehicle-Pack-screenshotThe GTA IV Ultimate Vehicle Pack is a fictional version of reality life. You can upgrade your cars that it’ll like the real one like; Porsche 911, Lamborghini, BMW, Mercedes, VW camper vans and many more. When you’ll make it in new model then you’ll feel them new models and great by yourself.

The graphics and sounds are really great. The storyline and gameplay is same as other GTA IV like; you’ll have the targets and missions to complete and will have a lot of action during the mission. You have to face a lot of enemies in your way to your target. You have to kill them all and for that purpose you will provide with latest guns and ammunitions. You will also have a map to guide you in right way, you should follow it and it’ll be on your screen.

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The only difference is the real car models which original GTA IV didn’t have. But, this version has more than 100 car models which are awesome. Your style of driving will be great for sure and you’d love to drive the cars. The handling of these cars is very near to real and there are also new engine sounds and pop up headlights too on some new models.

The installation is very easy though it has some large size, but rather than this, it is the most useable version of GTA IV in the world right now. When you’ll install this game then it’ll ask you to copy the entire GTA IV folder, it means you can have the backup of your original game in case of any difficulty, which you’ll not face for sure. When you download this game then it’ll have an ‘installation guide’ file, before you must read that file. You’ll be enjoying a lot for many hours, I am sure. So be ready for unlimited enjoyment. (Review by pcfavour)

890.93 MB.

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