Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Game

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Game

Free download Hitman 2: Silent Assassin game for PC. It is full of action and adventure game and it is developed by IO Interactive. In this game you’ll play the role of Agent 47 and you are a contract killer to kill the people and have to solve the puzzles.

Hitman-2-Silent-Assassin-screenshotThough you will be assumed a contract killer but still you are an honest and loyal person and you’ll kill those people who deserved it. You’ll be given a lot of missions to complete that, your target may hide in some secret areas you have to find and kill them. At the start of each level instructions will be given to Agent 47, you must listen them carefully and follow them. In some levels your targets can be more than two, so find them.

Hitman 2 is very stylish action game. There will be health meter on the screen, you must hide and save yourself from your enemies, otherwise they will kill you and mission will remain incomplete. You have no companion so don’t trust anyone. You should complete your mission alone. At the end of each level different rank will be given you and you can upgrade your weapons. There will be different types of weapon you can have. The 3D graphics, background score and storyline of the game is very interesting.

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If you want to be a Hitman and fighting hero then you must play this game. Though this is the demo version of the game, but still it has a lot of users and has more than 3.7 million users from all over the world.Installation is also very easy, just extract the downloaded file and run the ‘setup.exe’ file, you are done. When you download this game then before playing this game, you must read the ‘Read me’ text file. . It’ll guide you to play and moves of Agent 47 game that how to fight, how to move and how to use the weapons. It helps you to complete your objectives.  (Review by pcfavour)

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