iPhone Simulator Download

iPhone Simulator Download

Download iPhone Simulator free. Apple’s iPhone brand is very famous and there is no need to introduce it. Recently launch of iPhone 5S and iOS 7 have increased the attraction of iPhone for mobile customers. Some new people are eager to use iPhone as their personal cell phone while some want to test the iPhone before purchase because of its cost. iPhone Simulator provides you the real time environment of iPhone mobile such as desktop menus.

iPhone-Simulator-copy-screenshotWhen you will run iPhone Simulator, it will load the virtual iOS of iPhone. You will see iPhone locked screen with time, signal strength, battery etc. At the bottom of the screen, you will the unlock pattern “slide to unlock” with arrow mark. There is also a hint “do not drag just rollover!” which means that you have to take the mouse point at the arrow mark and drag it from left to right without pressing any button.

After unlocking, you will see the main menu of iPhone with some default applications such as Text, Calender, Photos, Camera, Maps, Settings, App Store, Safari, iTunes and some more. You can check any application by just clicking on it. For example, if you click on Settings, then you will see the complete menu of settings such as Airplane Mode On/Off, Wi-Fi, About, Stop all Sounds, Brightness, Wallpaper and Rearange Icons. You can use them all as on real iPhone. For example, you can change the Wallpaper by clicking on Wallpaper menu and set default background, earth background, underwater background or Mario background.

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You have to just click on the desired background and go to Home to check the wallpaper. You can move home menu at anytime by taking mouse point at the top center of the screen where you can see the time. Similarly, you can test the message typing of iPhone from Text menu and use your keyboard to type. Remember that some options in iPhone Simulator are limited such as Safari browser which will show you only single website which is already programmed. The mouse pointer will work only at the screen area of mobile, so you cannot use the only button of iPhone. (Review by pcfavour)

12.7 MB.

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