James Bond 007 Nightfire Game Download

James Bond 007 Nightfire Game

Free download James Bond 007 Nightfire game for PC. It is first person shooter game published by Electronic Arts in 2002. This game featuring the British fictional secret agent James Bond. James Bond 007 Nightfire was initially developed by Eurocom for Xbox and PlayStation2.

James-Bond-007-Nightfire-game-screenshotThe Microsoft Windows version of James Bond 007 Nightfire was developed by Gearbox. You can download the game setup from the download link given below. It will take few minutes to install the game. You must have latest version of DirectX to play this game on your PC and obviously with good graphic card it will work nicely. There are three menus in main menu of the game. These are Nightfire Demo, Options and Quit. Quick menu will obviously exit the game. Options contains control, audio and video settings. You can check the actions and movement buttons from the options menu.

Nighfire Demo will start the game James Bond 007 Nightfire first mission. If you are playing the game for first time, you have to select New Game else you can load your saved game. New game will take you to the difficulty selection. There are three difficulty modes; Operative, Agent and 00 Agent. Operative is easy, Agent is medium while 00 Agent is expert mode.

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After selecting the difficulty level, your mission will start. You will be into a room and behind the glass door, suddenly, you will see an enemy. Kill him and pick his gun. Your mission is to rescue the person who is unarmed. His name is Mayhew and you have to follow him. Mayhew will stop on each closed door. By default, you can move your player using A, S, D and W keys from keyboard. For different action, you have to use mouse. Mouse left button is used to make a fire while left click is used for various action. For example, if there is a pistol in your hand, right click will use to add silencer on it. If you have long range machine gun, right click will make a zoom in.

To open any door, use E button from keyboard. Your enemy will die after two or three shots so make some continuous fires. The graphics of the game are nice. You will really enjoy the game James Bond 007 Nightfire. (Review by pcfavour)

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