Rise of Nations Game

Rise of Nations Game

Free download Rise of Nations game for PC. It is real-time strategy game for computer. It was developed by Big Huge Games and officially published by Microsoft Corporation. Rise of Nations is the same playing method game as Age of Empires. In this game you have to select your nation and then raise it by upgrading to different ages. Rise of Nations is very easy to install. After installation, it requires restart your computer and then you can play it. You have to enter your name before playing Rise of Nations game. There are two modes of gameplay which are ‘Quick Battle’ and ‘Conquer the World Campaign’. In trial version you cannot select ‘Conquer the World Campaign’ mode.

Rise-of-Nations-game-screenshotWhen playing “Quick Battle” mode, you have to select your Nation such as British, Chinese, Egyptians, Germans, French, Japanese, Koreans, Mongols, Romans, Russians, Spanish, Turks and many more. You can also choose random nation then you nation will be selected automatically when game will start. You can choose the color for your nation. This color is for dresses of your people in game.

In Rise of Nations game, you can select your enemy nation as well. You can select any of given or keep it random. This game allows you to select up to 7 enemy nations at a time. When the game starts, there are two buildings you have; a small city and library. Small city building is used to create citizen. Citizens are used to build different buildings and military buildings. At the start, you have a limit of 75 population and 2 cities. This limit will increase with time to time after upgradation.

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Rise of Nations game starts with Ancient Age. There are 8 different ages and you can upgrade it to Classical Age, Medieval Age, Gunpowder Age, Enlightenment Age, Industrial Age, Modern Age and Information Age. Upgrading to each age will change the shape of your buildings. To upgrade your age you are required some food, timber, wealth and knowledge. You can also upgrade your military from there appropriate buildings.

To increase the wealth, you have to build market. By building another city at the national border of your city, you can do trade by creating ‘Caravan’ from market. Similarly, to increase knowledge you have to build university and create some scholars. Rise of Nations is very interesting game but play this only if you have some extra time because it will obviously take your 3 to 5 hours when you will start to play it. (Review by pcfavour)

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