Shards of War Game Download

Shards of War Game

Download Shards of War game for PC. It is full action next generation game developed by Bigpoint. Shards of War game is basically an online game. This game needs to be installed on your computer properly. This installation of Shards of War game will help you to complete the further process of playing the game.

Shards-of-War-game-screenshotShards of War initial setup is very easy to download and install. Download this setup from the given download link below. After that, run the setup and it will take few seconds to complete the installation process. After installation, the game will start automatically. Shards of War game console will start to download further files to play this game. During this process of downloading, you can register and create your account to play this game. There is about 470 MB files that will download realtime.

After complete the process, you are ready to play this game. The game playing method is very simple. There are two teams of five players. You have to fight with enemy drones, warriors and turrets. Your players will advance towards their opponents base to destroy their base headquarters. Once you select your team, you will find your all players at the same place. You can control any of them and can move that player using A, S, D and W keys from keyboard. All other players will do their work automatically. Furthermore, you can control any of them by selecting him.

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The first team contains the members Vulcan, Warhead, Striker, Rhino and Blitz. The other team contains the members Gemini, Cobra, Flatline, Valkyrie and Bulwark. These players enter the battlefield of Empire City. This game is full of action and you have to open your eyes to destroy the obstacles of your enemy. During the game play, you will see the life bar with each player. (Review by pcfavour)

22.4 MB.


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