Tennis Elbow 2013 Game Download

Tennis Elbow 2013 Game Download

Download Tennis Elbow 2013 game free for PC. It is very nice sport game for tennis lovers. The game is very light to download and easy to install and play. Tennis Elbow 2013 is developed by Mana Games.

Tennis-Elbow-2013-screenshotThe game graphics are very nice and you will enjoy the game while playing. The menu of Tennis Elbow 2013 is at the right side. This menu has controls, audio, video and misc options. You can change the settings for sounds, videos and controls. From misc option, you can change language settings and round set for the game.

As this is demo version of Tennis Elbow 2013, so you can use the limited feature in this game. For example, you cannot play world tour because this feature is available in full version only. You can also set recordings option, for example, you can on or off recording. In trial or demo version of Tennis Elbow 2013, you can play in training club. There are three options in training club which are play, character sheet and play options. In play options, there is only option which you can use in demo version. This is the option to select match format such as single player, double, 1 against two or 2 against one.

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The game play of Tennis Elbow 2013 is very simple and easy. You have to control your player only for his movement. You have to use left, right, up and down arrow keys for this purpose. If the service is at the opponent side, you have to wait for and look at the tennis ball. Move your player towards the direction of ball. He will shot the ball automatically. To play better try to keep your player in the center so that you would cover the tennis court easily and increase your chances of win. If the service is at your turn, then press A key from keyboard to take start. The game is very interesting, hope you will enjoy it even if you have not played tennis before. (Review by pcfavour)

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