Trials Evolution Gold Edition Download PC Game

Trials Evolution Gold Edition PC Game

Free download Trials Evolution Gold Edition game for PC. It is racing game for bike lovers. It is 2.5D platform game. Trials Evolution Gold Edition is called 2.5D because during the game, it will look like 3D but the movements are 2D only. You can move bike Forward or Backward. Trials Evolution Gold Edition is developed by RedLynx while published by Microsoft Studios. In 2013, a PC version of Trials Evolution Gold Edition was released. The demo version is available free to play on your PC. You can enjoy it free on your PC by downloading from the given link below.

Trials-Evolution-Gold-Edition-Game-downloadIn the game Trials Evolution, you have to control your bike with expert way from the beginning of the level to the end. The whole path contains different types of hurdles. You have to cross all these hurdles without any crash. These crashes are known as faults in the game. You have to move as fast as you can to make a record. For example, you your bike front wheel up high during a jump, your rider will crash under the bike and you will start the race from beginning.

After installing the game, press enter to continue the game. You will see the main menu contains Single Player Multiplayer, Track Central. There are also some basic menus such as Leaderboards, Achievements, Help & Options, Download Contents, Recommendations and Exit Game. Options menu has usual functions such as controls, audio and video etc.

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To play the game, select Single Player. You will see three options, Go Race, Garage and Stats. Click on Go Race and now select D License Test. These are the events to play. You have to complete D License Test to unlock the next event. During the game, there are some Checkpoint post. You can go back to any activated checkpoint by pressing Backspace. There is also an option to start the game from the beginning by pressing R key.

After completing the D License Test, you can play the next event “Walk in the Park”. This event contains Ridge Tracer, Beach Head, Dunes of Hazard and Downhill Dominator maps to play. Trials Evolution Gold Edition is very nice game to play. Hope so you will enjoy it well. (Review by pcfavour)

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2.8 GB.
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